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Fancy and Willow
My friend, Allie, gave me this prompt and this is what I came up with.

The Flashlight, Abandoned House, Flower prompt from Allie Mace
By: Willow Tipton
The air was cold and the night appeared darker than usual. I look up and noticed that there weren't any stars. It seemed a little odd considering I was walking on a deserted dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Why you ask?  I'll tell you why.
Ever since I was eight, I've been living in the streets and on the road. Surprisingly, my survival did not rely on pity and peoples' charity. I found it more dignifying to work odd jobs so I can actually eat in a restraunt instead of out of a garbage disposal. I enjoyed the rare nights that I was able to afford a run down hotel room for a good night's rest. But mainly, I keep on the move. Let's just say that foster homes were not my forte. 
I pulled the thin jacket tighter to my body, trying to keep myself from shivering but all was in vain for I couldn't even keep my teeth from chattering. My breath was visible, soon disappearing into the fog that surrounded me and seemed to go on for the rest of the path.
Hearing the distant sound of a wolf howling was what made my decision to find shelter. It was unlikely that I was to find anything that would be of any use but I kept searching. It was like someone was watching over me as I spotted a small and run-down house sitting in the middle of a field. 
Pulling my jacket even tighter and my backpack closer, I made my way through the dark field. The grass was so high that I could feel it on my elbow as it fell behind me. It felt so soft and smooth against my skin, causing me to be confused. Stopping in my tracks, I take a moment to observe the soft petals that seemed to caress my skin. Squinting, I realize that I wasn't walking through a field of tall grass. I was walking through a field filled with over-grown daisies.
I pick one off, surprised when I thought I heard the sound of a cry. Twirling the daisy in my hand, I observe to see if perhaps I wasn't hallucinating. Though, nothing about the flower seemed different than any other except it's unusually large petals. 
With the flower still in my hand, I continued stepping towards the house. Staring at the exterior of the place, I noticed the roof was partially caved in and the railing on the porch was beginning to fall apart. The first step up on the small set of stairs, I hear a loud creak ring out in the dead of night. Before I took the next step, I heard something shift. Looking around me, I don't see anything or anyone with me. Believing I was just being paranoid, I took the next step up and the same loud creak made its way out. Again, I heard something shift. I take the next step and the next, hearing the unbearable shriek of the wood beneath my feet as I went along. Finally reaching the top of the steps, I release a breath I didn't even realize I had been holding. 
I look around me, observing the broken rocking chair and the condition of the peeling paint of the house. I slowly turn, looking back at the field and see something that was beyond bizarre. The daisies; they were withered and dying, no longer looking up towards the sky like they were a moment ago. It was then that I realized that the flowers were what I was hearing shift as I took each step. It confused me, for how could simple steps devour the life of what was behind me?
Curiosity getting the better of me, I turn to the door and move to open the door. The knob fell off instantly, leaving it in my hand. The rust and dust fell from it, scraping my hand as I wondered what to do now. I drop the knob and it was odd, for I did not hear the sound of it hit the porch. I look down and saw it there, so I must have just been distracted because surely it would have made a sound.
Looking up at a sudden sound of rusty hinges, I see the door slowly creep open. It was almost like the house itself was inviting me in. But why? And how? A feeling inside made my skin tingle, it was almost like I was dreaming. Only in this dream, I can't tell if it's real or a nightmare.
I came this far, though. There's no going back, no walking through the field of dead daisies. I take the first step inside, the fall of my footstep not making a sound. When my whole body was inside, I noticed then that there was not a single sound. I couldn't hear the wind, or the howl of a wolf or the coo of an owl. I couldn't even hear myself breathing, it was dead silent.
Something caught my eye and I turn my head to see but it disappears behind a corner. Tempted once again by my curiousity, I follow. As I walked through the house, my steps did not make a sound. I couldn't even hear my own heart beating rapidly in my ears. It was like sound was numb, there was no such thing as disturbance here.
Again, I catch the sight of something and follow it down the dark and creepy hallway. I reach the door at the very end, moving to open it; expecting the knob to fall off like the door prior but it turned in my hand and the door swung open easily. A small bright light blinded me, making it difficult to see anything.
The light was deliberately shining in my face, as it moved with me across the other side of the room. 
"Who are you?" I cry out, not expecting an answer. The room began to quiver, and then shake violently as it seemed an earthquake would cause. I fell to my knees, trying to catch myself on anything I could get my hands on.
I look up to the blinding light and it began to spin, as if it was a lighthouse. It fell to the floor slowly, like someone had slowed down time itself. The moment the light touch the floor, the room stopped shaking and I could hear the sound of my breathing slowly fading back into reality.
Standing on shaky legs, I walk towards the light that shone towards the window. The light seemed to almost make the window seem bright, alive in a way as if I was in a fairy tale. Finally reaching the light, I realize what it was. Bending down, I pick up the small object and observe it. It was not like any other flashlight I had ever seen.
It had no on and off switch. It vibrated in my hand as if it was actually alive and the light seemed to move as it's eyes. I look up and I almost dropped, the sight shocking me. The light shone through the window and what I saw was amazing. The night sky was now bright and sunny, the once dead daisies were now vibrant with color and the sight was almost as if I was imagining things.
I shone the light off of the window and it returned to it's previous state. Dark, dead, and depressing. I shone the light back on it and again, it was bright and wonderful. I shone the light around the deserted and run down room and it was as if I wasn't even in the same room as before. The furniture looked new, the floors were upkept, paintings looked as if the paint was still drying. 
I walk out of the room and observe the rest of the house. It seemed that everything I shone the light on came back to life, like someone still lived here and cared. I was astounded to say the least, unsure of what I should do. The light was magnificent and extra-ordinary. What does one do with such a thing?
A thought occured, and at first it seemed mad but as I have said before, my curiosity got the better of me. Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes, I turned the flashlight around and soon the light was shining on me. The rays were warm and inviting, basking my skin.
I open my eyes and see the light of the day, the sun shining down and the birds singing. Distracted by the beauty, I forgot about the light and dropped the flashlight. It amazed me for I had felt deaf earlier and so the sound of the flashlight crashing to the ground surprised me in the worst of ways. Suddenly, the sun disappeared the warm rays turns to ice cold fog.
The air was cold and the night appeared darker than usual. I look up and noticed that there weren't any stars. It seemed a little odd considering I was walking on a deserted dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Why you ask? I'll tell you why.
Ever since I was eight....

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Fancy and Willow
  I feel an overwhelming feeling of sadness. I don't know why at first, thoughts running through my head each second as I try and figure out what could possibly be making me feel so sad. I think, is it because I feel restless without a job? Is it because I didn't go to college this year like I wanted? Is it because every day I feel like a failure no matter what I tell myself? 
  Strangely, it was none of the above. The answer was simple, I was surprised it hadn't crossed my mind hundreds of thoughts earlier. 
The overwhelming feeling of sadness is me, missing my brother. My brother is amazing. I don't care what I've done or said in the past to contradict that statement. I love my brother with everything I have. I look up to him, I miss him because I never see him. But mainly I miss him because he isn't who he used to be. He isn't the big brother who let me into his tree house. He isn't the big brother that took me on bike rides on the studs of his bike. He's not the brother I played Resident Evil with on Gamecube. He's not the same since the day he left to go live with what my siblings like to call our "biological sperm donor". 
  When he left, I was so sad and I cried almost every day. My mom knew how depressed I was so she suggested writing letters for him and putting them in a box until the day I see him, than I can give them to him. I did just that though, and... well, let's just say nobody can recall where those letters are now.
  After he came back, he just wasn't the brother I knew and I've tried so hard to be like nothing changed at all. But it had changed and it's still different. I miss him in every sense of the way. There's like an empty void of lost feelings for when he left. I felt selfish for feeling  meaningless to him. To have him just leave without even saying goodbye. I wish so much that I could go back in time and see if I could have changed his mind. Today, I think we would be so close. Like we use to be.

Irish Music
Fancy and Willow
 Okay, so I'm recently addicted to listening The High Kings, WHO ARE AWESOME BY THE WAY! Haha. I absolutely LOVE their music. It's so beautiful. :D
  Anyway, enough about my rant about Irish music... wait, the title of this blog is..... never-mind. To go on, recently doing nothing but watch and catch up on T.V. shows. We, as in Felicia and I, just finished watching Sherlock (the U.K. series which is amazing) and we finished watching The IT Crowd (another U.K. series... I think something is going on here. LOL), and now we've decided to watch Roswell, the show about aliens. Side from that, I'm on season 3 of Ugly Betty. My sister would be so proud.
  To explain what that means, my sister, Fancy, has watched every episode of Ugly Betty and is insistent on me watching it. Don't ask me why... because I have no idea.
  To my thoughts though, I've been kind of restless and totally at a loss on what to do with myself. So, I've been listening to Irish music... and working on sim videos because I lack a total sense of life. Yea...
  As interesting as these blogs are, I must say that writing what's on my mind really helps sometimes. Though not nearly as intriguing as the blogs by Barney Stentson (How I Met Your Mother), it does feel kind of awesome. :)

Fancy and Willow

I want to cut you up into tiny little pieces you  worthless piece of shit. I want to slice your throat in front of the mirror so you can see your face when you die.

I find it utterly useless to clean these blood stained clothes, so I burn them. Yet small pieces still remain, making my blood boil once more. I just can’t forget you, but don’t expect me to cry.

You were nothing but trouble, nothing but the bastard I already knew you were. You don’t matter to me, and you never did. I only care to the extent of the end of your pathetic excuse of an existence.

I want to burn you, cut you, slice you, push you in front of a train. I want to see you explode from the inside out, I want them to lock you up you good for nothing asshole. I crave to see your resistance.

I want to see you cry, I want to see you beg for your life so I can laugh in your face before I cut you into pieces. I want to burry you alive so nobody can hear your screaming. So you can feel the emotion of being totally hopeless.

I want you dead and I want you gone, hatred. You do nothing for me.

Fancy and Willow

Religion is a topic full of controversy. Who's right? Who's wrong? 
In my own way, I believe in Science and Christianity to an extent. I believe the bible is determined by the reader and how they interpret it. 
In theory, God created the world and the entire universe and scientist explore this. Nothing says that scientist and Christians are at total opposites. A scientist can be a Christian. They believe that God created the world but being a scientist, they have the opportunity to explore. Just like everyone else. I think the only main difference between what Christians and a few or more scientists believe is the issue of how they believe Earth and life came about.
I am well aware that religion is a sensitive topic to some out there and I not saying one or the other is right. For in truth, I'm agnostic. Therefore; I don't care. But for what it's worth, this is my opinion.  
Regardless of where we came from, we are here now. What are you doing with it?

In case...
Fancy and Willow
 Okay, so I'm watching "The Day After Tomorrow" and I'm like... If the world really ended this way, I wonder who I would be with and what I'd be doing. I mean, in every movie after a world catastrophe that only leaves a select few, those who are in a group tend to have designated jobs. You have the leader, you have those who keep guard or, in the case of TDAT, you have those who look for supplies. Than you have those one people who are totally useless. And I'm talking about the ones mostly in zombie movies. You know who I'm talking about, the ones who are total asses and serve no purpose or help in any form. Example, Steve from Dawn of the Dead (2004). Total douche bag, does nothing but jeopardize the group.

"Feeling Blue"
Fancy and Willow
The biggest blue has me trapped in it's grasp
I feel myself sinking fast
I wonder where the light has gone
Or if all along there was none.
The bottom is approaching quickly
Cold fingers are pinching my skin
I can't find my bearings
This trap I've been set in
I thought it was once hope
But I realize it's imagination
I couldn't stand my reality
So I lived in my own creation.
A life inside of my mind
That I now find myself leaving behind
And into the deep dark blue I go
Sinking deeper and deeper within
This place I do not know
Therefore I have never been
I have never been so deep in this blue
Never been so hopeless in the dark
I feel myself suffocating slowly
To the other side I embark

Writer's Block: MVP awards
Fancy and Willow
What’s the most important thing to you (person, animal, anything)?

Fancy and Willow
I had a bit of a long day to do nothing so I did this.

And made this as well

"So Confused About It"
Fancy and Willow
I feel like I could blog about almost anything today but as the pessimistic person I am lately, my problems are all I really think about. I am so stressed out to the point my face is breaking out and I have no idea what to do about it. I'm working my ass off at my job, hoping to save enough money to get a car before fall. It's even more stressful because of the short time limit. I'm also stressed because I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to have the summer job in Dallas that I really REALLY need because I don't know if Larry, the guy I'm living with, is going to actually work on the condo, the job. The money would really help though. I'm also stressed because I really wanted to go to college this year, to start this fall, hence the time frame of getting a car because the college is 10 miles away and I'm not walking that far to go to school. But as per usual, nothing I want to do can just be simple. I've been trying to call and get a hold of someone to help me get my paperwork done but nobody is ever there and neither is the woman that said she would help me... I'm really in a pickle about what to do, I'm so confused. My friends don't understand the amount of stress I'm under because they get everything handed to them, literally. I don't talk to them about it because there's nothing they can say or do to really help me out and "It's okay. Everything will work out." is  not going to cut it. I really want to get started on going to college and doing something with my life. I don't want to be like everyone else in my town and be stuck here forever and have a job I hate, not doing what I wanted to do... I want to go to college, I want to go to a university. I want to be productive! But once again, I have no idea what I'm doing... what's the point in trying anymore when it seems like the world is against me having what I really want? I, alone, can't fight for absolutely everything. It's too exhausting and I'm simply just too tired now.


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