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Fancy and Willow
 We all search for something to make ourselves better. We all have our flaws, I suppose. Some flaws are easier to deal with than others.
 Some of us are over-weight, some of us wish we were a social butterfly, some of us just want everyone to like them.
These flaws are only temporary, something you have control over in some way. You can always lose weight, you may some day come out of your cacoon, and some of us will finally realize that it's impossible to make 'everyone' like you.
 But some flaws are more... permanent. 
 My flaw is something I have to struggle with on a daily basis. I avoid mirrors, spagetti straps, and shower with my eyes closed tight. I hate seeing what I am and dream of what I could have been. Though sometimes I believe I would be a completely different person than I am today, I also sometimes believe that I would trade anything for another chance. A chance to change things with the knowledge of who I would become. This is what I define as Hopeless. 


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