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My Line of Logic
Fancy and Willow
 I fear the downfall of our society will be brought on by the same ones who build civilization. The level of IQ in our presidents become lower and lower as time passes on, and I can not honestly tell you why. Perhaps most of America has lost it's values, or even lost sight of the reason why and how we became America. In truth, my opinion is that America has always wanted more and more, no matter the price or the concequences. But this fails to explain why we have morons running for president this year. I am beginning to believe that perhaps one day, America will change its views and even become something entirely different than what it was or meant to be. Maybe it already has, who am I to say? 
  Every election is the same, people choosing who they believe to be the right person to run our country. But sadly, we are no longer allowed the option of choosing someone who will do just that. We continue to sink in this pit that was once a great country. As the years go by, the people begin to rely more on technology and less on their instincts and eachother. What are we to do when the inevitable occurs and America becomes no longer? It might or might not happen in this generation or even hundreds of years from now, but it is the only place I see this stinkpit unless something changes. One man can make a difference, it is only possible if that man is in a position to make that change. 
  I am not ungrateful for my freedom or my rights, but this "paradise" is slowly becoming a wasteland where one day these things may not matter or even exist. 


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