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Bright Night
Fancy and Willow

Dancing, snow, glitter…

A prompt by Felicia Mace
By Willow Tipton

 There was just something so beautiful about the sky at night; the stars seemed brighter now for some reason. The cold bit at my skin and I could only pull tighter on the thick coat that almost seemed to engulf my small frame. The fabric didn’t do much to keep me warm but I took what I could get.

               The air fogged up in front of me, my warm breath contrasting greatly with the cold winter air. I closed my eyes only for a moment, just enjoying the moment when I feel something light fall onto my cheek. The contact surprised me and I opened my eyes, looking up at the sky that seemed to be changing colors. It was a moment before I realized what was happening.

               Though I was almost freezing and had no reason in particular to be happy, I smiled. The snow almost seemed to be alive; it sparkled even as it fell. They looked like tiny falling stars that gathered on the ground. The moment seemed so rare and beautiful. I have never seen snow look so unique.

               I couldn’t quite figure out the feeling the coursed through my body, surely caused by the falling snow. I only knew that one moment I was standing and enjoying the snow, and the next, I was spinning. Still looking to the sky, I could only twist and turn and… dance. The snow made me so happy that I was dancing.

               I could almost hear the snowflakes singing to me as they neared the ground, singing some sort of lullaby. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard and I wanted nothing more than to listen to the snow forever.

               Lost in my moment of bliss, I failed to see the flashing light that appeared. I heard a sound that seemed out of tune for the melody but I ignored it, only content on listening and watching the sky fall. But it was then that I realized that I was the one who was falling. The sky blurred into one, and I could no longer make out the individual snowflakes and soon, I couldn’t make out anything. It was okay though, I could still hear the melody. It seemed like nothing else mattered as the world went black.


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