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From A Sims' POV
Fancy and Willow

 From A Sim’s View

               My name is Madonna. That’s because my Creator quite favors 80s music sung by strong female leaders. My Creator also appears to have no life because for the lifespan of me, my Creator always seems to be on my tail. It almost seems like the Creator controls my every move.

               I have a basic routine day that I have done ever since I started my career in Marine Biology. My life-time goal is to get to the top of my career but I also enjoy hobbies like making tea sets and working on the old piece of junk car that’s down in the garage of my one bedroom apartment.

               I don’t really remember much before I got here, really. I just showed up and the land lord told me to choose any apartment, as long as I could afford it. I knew that no matter what apartment I chose, that my Creator would take care of me. And I was right.

               Though sometimes I feel as if my career is all my Creator thinks about. It seems the Creator is always pushing me to study and make friends with my colleagues so I can move up quicker. I suppose I don’t really mind, seeing as my free will never really existed but I hope that some day I can just sit back, relax, and maybe have a garden to work on in my elderly years. Perhaps I’ll meet a nice guy and have children, but family really isn’t my aspiration. Knowledge, on the other hand, is more along my line of work.

               As I was saying before though, my life is fairly routine. I wake up around six, eat some breakfast if I feel hungry enough, take a quick shower since I couldn’t manage one yesterday after working on the car. I don’t really have much in this small and cramped apartment but to be honest, it could be worse. I sometimes wonder if I were the one in control of my budget, if I would have anything I really needed. My Creator pushes me to do better and one day, I’ll be the best and that day will be when I retire at the top of my career.

               My Creator looks out for me though. I know that the Creator seems harsh sometimes by never allowing me to talk to children because it’s a waste of time, or how I entertain myself with a chess table instead of investing in a pool table. I know that one day though, my Creator will let me have everything I want. Like a pool table.

               My Creator can be cruel sometimes, like being mean to the children in the rest of the apartment complex or by setting the stove on fire but I can only assume it’s to change things up in the game of life. I wouldn’t really know though, since I’m not a Creator. It would be strange though, if I were. It would be like inception. A life within a life, a Creator controlling another Creator. But if I were a Creator, I would be able to tell you why my Creator does strange things and causes fires or doesn’t keep the apartment clean.

               Well, I should probably get going. My Creator may control my life but the Creator doesn’t know what I type when they assign me to “write a novel”. They just title it, and then it goes into the bookshelf to never be read again.


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