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The Fake History Lesson of Bombin'.
Fancy and Willow
Well... it all started back in WW2. Yes, I was there. I feel flattered by your admiration of my awesome but the lesson SHALL GO ON! Anyway, there was an attack on a small village (it's not in the textbooks... or anywhere else for that matter)
Yes, this village was called Wannashuttawookieup, and the people who lived there were all very peaceful and extremely jewish. So Hitler blew this village up with one bomb. There was only one survivor who proceeded to tell his tale throughout time, often known for saying the term "bomin' " to his listeners.
It's because he had a strange accent and people often mis-heard him when he was trying to say 'bombing'.
His name was Fargo Wetpants.
People also often mis-heard hims o his name as well, confused on why he was claiming that he wet his pants.