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Conversations with Dona
Fancy and Willow
D.J. = Dona
Blacroses_340 = Me

D.J.: you have Danny's number?
blackroses_340: **-***-****
D.J.: Thanks girlie.
blackroses_340: No problem.
blackroses_340: So, what's up?
D.J.: Dolling, watching ugly betty, and writing a fanfic
blackroses_340: A fanfic about what and who? 
D.J.: X-men First Class...a new O/C and Charles
blackroses_340: Awesome
D.J.: Yeah....our RP got me inspired
blackroses_340: Haha, that's cool
D.J.: Speaking of which???? You wanna RP?
blackroses_340: I can't actually at the moment, I'm about to walk to Exon and see if they're hiring. (Wal-Mart is taking too long, if at all) and I might just hang out with Fe all day. We have the house to ourselves since you left, Danny moved out, and Allie's in Granburry, visiting a friend.
D.J.: Well, best of luck!
blackroses_340: Maybe later though? 
D.J.: Definately
blackroses_340: BRB
D.J.: Ok, have fun
blackroses_340: Nevermind, Fe isn't ready yet.
D.J.: Ahh...ok. So how has your day been?
blackroses_340: Well... I woke up.... that about covers the mirarcles of today.
blackroses_340: LOL. Nah, Fe and I were watching My Little Pony and then cleaned up the house. Now we're about to head to Exon.
blackroses_340: Don't. JUDGE.
D.J.:  Ok, ok
blackroses_340: Fe suggested it and besides, Rachel's been bugging her to watch it. We're watching My Little Pony and hopefully going to start watching Supernatural at some point.
D.J.: it any good? My Little Pony?
blackroses_340: Surprisingly... yes. But that could just be my child like mind speaking.
D.J.: That's not a bad thing
blackroses_340: True...
blackroses_340: Hey, wanna RP now?
D.J.: Yeah


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